Our extrusion lines for our thermoplastic yarns, tapes and straps are simple, functional, easily usable and solid.
Every extrusion line is developed for the production target and optimized to guarantee the smaller environmental impact.
All the parts which compose our extrusion lines are completely built by our industry, the only exception is the extruder.
It is bought on the national market to optimize each technical demand requested by every single customer.
Every extrusion lines can be customize and automate to comply with every single request of the final customer, providing to give the best compromise between technology and investment.

Our range of extrusion lines


Extrusion line for PP or HDPE raffia tapes, fibrillated or not, in a range from 50 to 350 kg/h, well suited to produce twisted or inter-wined ropes, baler twine and similar product for the industry.

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Extrusion line for PP, HDPE, PET and PA textile tapes, basically used to produce sacks, carpets bagging, ribbon and technical textile or geo-textile with plane and circular frame.

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Extrusion line for PP, HDPE, PA and PET extruded monofilament, particularly used for bio and traditional agricultural nets, fishing nets, shading nets, filter webs, paper mill webs, fibre-cement and other products. Our range of hourly production move to 50 to 250 kg/h with a maximum speed of 200 mt/min.

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Extrusion line for PP and PET straps from 50 to 500 kg/h. Extruder can work stand-alone with virgin material or 100% regrind.

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Extrusion line specifically made for PA and PET high diameter monofilament, the YARN line is the newest entry. What made us the best choice in this field is the know-how to compact the complete line in only 20 mt length, with a production of 150 kg/h, divided in only four blocks completed, with the variable of the winder.

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