The machines made in this field are the result of a constant collaboration with the request and the demand of our final customer.
Our affinity with them problematic issue and the necessity to reach always a better performance in some production steps drove us to build machines, accessories and renovation, which found day by day place in production areas also far away from our working reality.

A lot of our final customers are the best competitor in agricultural nets production field, as also parasite textile nets, geotextile and other product.

MDA 1000

Module suitable to the production of HDPE blown film from 500 to 1000 mm width, individual or double, built to constantly supply RASCHEL textile machines and realized following the specific demand of the final customer; our module are up to produce every kind of textile.

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Arose from the need to divide huge roll of textile net, this machine provide to bring a maximum format of 6000 mm to a commercial standard, in retreat roll or not retreat.

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AVC 4000

Central winder able to package textile net rolls coming from RASCHEL machine or weaving machine.

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AVT 5000

Winder machine placed after the stretch-rag of the weaving machine, provide to the paper or PVC roll, which support the final bobbin, to roll thank to the friction which the special coverage of the motorized cylinder makes on the final material.

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RPTL 7000

Central winder on line provided with a folder, built to make possible to the final customer to optimize all the problems caused by the logistics management of 6000 mm roll made by the weaving machine.

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Revisione telai Raschel

The revision and the renovation of RASCHEL machine is a know-how we reach thank to the experience which some of our internal coworker/associate gained during the years they performed essential rules in the organization in the high importance industry they worked, where they always tried to find the best possibility to optimize the performance of this machine.

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