Extrusion line for PP, HDPE, PA and PET extruded monofilament, particularly used for bio and traditional agricultural nets, fishing nets, shading nets, filter webs, paper mill webs, fibre-cement and other products. Our range of hourly production move to 50 to 250 kg/h with a maximum speed of 200 mt/min.

  •   The ending process recover system are providing by many kind of winding machine, each of them can be personalized up to the final customer specifics. Particularities of our extrusion lines is to provide to guarantee a proprietorship, defined as an uniformity of proprietor in d/Tex of any single thread, restricted to a tolerance of +/- 0.5%. The MONO series extrusion lines are built paying particular attention and result extremely usable even from not-expert user; this know-how made possible to us to serve the strongest worldwide agricultural nets competitor on the market.

      Moreover, the final product of our extrusion lines made welcomed our technology also to a lot of customer for the production of special monofilament used to be mixed with concrete.

      Another field of competence in which our extrusion lines are strongly appreciate is the monofilament for broom and brush; our know-how and the cooperation with some of our historical customers, indeed, made possible to build extrusion lines comprehensive of automatic edge cutting, bundles gathering and other special application, providing the final customer to eliminate a lot of handwork and expansive steps for low-profit products.

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