The growing use of sleeves in the final packaging of a lot of commercial products opened a new market for the machines which prepare this innovative labels.
From a lot of years our industry follow the evolution of those products and, walking beside some our customers, proposed a range of machine up to this production.

Our machines reach high performance but them keep our building philosophy, which is to present machines with high technological content but easily usable.


Shrink sleeve machine used to realize PE tube-shaped sleeves welded in continuous with hot blade.

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PNCR 400

Trimmer machine combined often with the Shrink sleeve machine TBT 400 STC, whose purpose is to make a pre-cut keeping the footprint on the tube-shaped sleeve.

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Shrink sleeve machine used to realize PVC, PET, OPS and PLA tube-shaped sleeves welded in continuous.

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ISPZ 350

Machines that provide to control that, during the welding process with the solvent, the Shrink Sleeve Machine TBT 350 SRK will not make any point, along the longitudinal continuous weld, with welding gap.

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TG 350

Machine used to prepare the handle sleeves. Every single label is trimmed, single layer, from the tube-shaped bobbin, label which will apply in a later time directly on the product before to be thermo-retracted.

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