OMGM - The Story

OMGM is an Italian company, private specializes in the design and construction of plants, machinery and components for the industry. Born, as many realities of our Lombard productive fabric, in the 60's by the commitment of its founder, CARLO ALBERTO BIRAGHI, who recently passed away but remained, for all, the Carletto …..
A good father, a friend to all the guys but also a simple and always smiling man. Every problem had a solution and next step was for him, lighter than it might have seemed to anyone else. Now , we, his sons, we try to keep alive his creation to the fullest. The world of work has changed, even the markets but remain friends, customers, suppliers and especially people who want to believe that there is still a place for romantics , the dreamers and those who never give up. Yes, because for us the technology is that too !!! Passion, imagination and tenacity.

But back a bit to our history; our company has been, for many years, faithful partner for direct customers and manufacturers of extrusion plants for plastic materials, plants for the production of diapers and installations for the cold drawing of the iron rod; over time he has developed and refined a method of work based on the availability that today is part of the intended service to our customers.

Now the company, true to the spirit of its founder, continues to provide machines and accessories for different types of plants but has also developed its own line of products. The current head office is in Caronno Pertusella, town of the province of Varese, near Milan. The building, with offices and production area, covers an area of about 2,000 square meters. The company is structured, in a small way, in order to be independent and complete in every branch of technology to implement the best customer demands and develop them fully within itself; mechanical and electronic design are made and followed by our personnel. Our motto, we need yuo better, has in all that we would always offer to all our customers; those of yesterday, those of today, and especially tomorrow

Ferruccio e Francesco Biraghi