Extrusion line for PP or HDPE raffia tapes, fibrillated or not, in a range from 50 to 350 kg/h, well suited to produce twisted or inter-wined ropes, baler twine and similar product for the industry.

  Every single part of the extrusion line are also optimized under the maintenance point of view; our experience drove us in a lot of business community, and we find the difficulty to maintain the efficiency of the line almost in the totally of them.

  In this respect, we find a way to rationalize and optimize in a few of identified and strategic points the maintenance moment. Our extrusion line can be completed with one of our innumerable model of winder which our experience can offer to final customer. The new generation winders for this kind of materials removed the mechanical part of the winding process, to offer an easier system based on a two electrical axes which will provide to offer bobbins with a personalized draw equal to the final customer demand.

  Our production range of winder can reach the realization of bobbins up to 1000 kg of weight which can provide to a continuous alimentation of standalone twisted machine. Our extrusion line can work up to the speed of 300 mt/min.

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