Revisione telai Raschel

The revision and the renovation of RASCHEL machine is a know-how we reach thank to the experience which some of our internal coworker/associate gained during the years they performed essential rules in the organization in the high importance industry they worked, where they always tried to find the best possibility to optimize the performance of this machine.

  •   The growing need to renovate this amazing machine bring us to intervene on some particulars, both mechanic and electronic, giving us back the result to improve them working productivity till 20% more than the standard machines.

      Our maintenance is meticulous and focused, and our improvement always gave to the final customer a great pleasure. On demand, we provide to improve the RASCHEL machine with beam alimentation; talk about it, is an electrical axis which provide to regulate with higher precision and uniformity the fed filament tension compared to the previous braked system. Less maintenance and better performance are the advantage which our customer observed with this application.

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