Single unit winder machine, multi-position or single structures, unique front on single or double work plane. Precision criss-crossed wind, cylindrical or squared box, fitted for rafia tapes basically used for PP.

  •   HDPE or PA twines and ropes for twisted and ropes machines, bundle monofilament, twisting or little ropes, from 3.000 to 200.000 d/Tex title.

      Mechanical stratification with technical polymeric cam screw without oil bath lubrication. Constant tension winding system with adjustable arm dancer. Independent and multifunctional control panel in series with other unity. Automatic stop when tape brakes, pre-selectable meter counter. Mechanical expansion, work table from 200 to 800 mm on-demand, maximum package diameter till 1.000 mm. Work speed till 300 mt/min. Package weight till 1000 kg.

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